Vegan Pistachio Oreo Ice Cream Cake

Vegan Pistachio Oreo Ice Cream Cake

My grandma used to make this cake for me when I was a kid (long before my vegan days) and I decided to veganize it one day. Trust me, it will not disappoint!

 Prep Time: 20 minutes
 Total Time: 20 minutes
 Servings: 9x13 cake pan


8 cups vegan vanilla (or cookies and creme) ice cream
4 cups homemade coconut whipped cream (I used Minimalist Baker's recipe)
2 small packages of pistachio instant pudding
1 package of Oreo cookies (roughly 24 cookies)


1. Make the homemade coconut whipped cream. You could probably use store bought, but I think the homemade cream will taste better. (I used Minimalist Baker's recipe)

2. In a large mixing bowl, mix together the ice cream and whipped cream until smooth.

3. Once mixture is smooth, mix in the 2 packages of pistachio pudding thoroughly.

4. Crush up all your oreos in a food processor

5. Evenly cover a thing layer of oreos on the bottom of your cake pan. Be sure to reserve some oreo crumb for the top.

6. Spread your ice cream mixture evenly on top of the oreo layer.

7. Sprinkler the remainder of the oreo crumb on top of the cake.

8. Keep in the freezer. Remove 10 minutes prior to serving.

9. Enjoy!

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